Criteria for Work Integrated Learning

WIL is the most commonly recognised term for student learning that combines a theoretical and practical learning experience, and one which takes place within a workplace environment.

To qualify as WIL, your opportunity must meet initial criteria:

  • available for current tertiary students only
  • usually conducted within the duration of a course or program of study
  • provide the student with course credit, either structured or negotiated
  • have appropriate on-site supervision
  • be on a paid or volunteer basis (unpaid WIL must adhere to the guidelines set out the Fair Work Act
  • comply with current legislative requirements Legal and compliance

The position does not qualify as WIL if it is:

  • casual employment
  • a graduate position
  • a short-course distinct from the student’s main program of study (learning opportunities that have a student fee attached are considered to be a shortcourse)
  • requires the student to pay unreasonable costs
  • requires the student to arrange their own insurance
  • puts undue pressure on the student to work in a volunteer capacity for an unreasonable length of time

If further clarification is needed this will be done a case by case basis by the WIL Portal administrator. Should you have further questions, please contact